Save Lives By Donating Today

Make a "R" Donation

We rely on YOU to keep our centre afloat. Please conssider making a financial contribution!

Donate Food

We accept food donations in the eform of hay, grass, pellets, bunny-safe wood offcuts and veg! 

Donate Your Time

We can always use extra hands, feet and voices to assist around the shelter or spread the word.  

Money Donation

Make a monetary donation and help make our bunnies binky!

Banking details

  • Account name: Noordhoek Bunny Rescue
  • Bank: Capitec Bank
  • Account type: Savings
  • Account number: 1734026071
  • Reference: Name & surname

Donate Food

Food donations can be dropped off at our premises. Please note that food donations will need to be inspected ensure the health and safety of our bunnies.

Noordhoek Address

Send a mail to to find out how you can donate food.

Please phone to arrange a suitable time to swing by and view the centre.  


+72 62 124 5325

Become Friends of NBR! 

Contact us to organise a tour of the Rescue Centre or learn more about what we do.

Fundraising collaborations always welcome, so send us your idea and let’s work together to give all our homeless bunnies a safe space. 

Also join our Facebook page to learn more!


How we use your donations

NBR is committed to using funds responsibly and being transparent in the business of saving bunnies. See what your money is used for below.

How we use your money:

  • Building hutches, shelters and runs
  • Maintaining the premises
  • Disaster control
  • Salaries of supporting staff who maintain the shelter and take care of our animals
  • Transportation fees and bunny collection
  • Veterinary costs and medication
  • Security upkeep
  • Printing and manufacturing of educational and marketing materials
  • Sterilisation costs
  • Feeding trays, excercise materials and miscellaneous equipment

Get in touch!

If you want to know more about Noordhoek Bunny Rescue or want to contribute to our cause, please feel free to contact us!