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We’re in the business of saving lives. 


Adopting a Bun

Yes, we save lives! But at Noordhoek Bunny Rescue we not only believes all buns deserve to live, but that they deserve the best lives ever!

We want to pair our furry friends with carers who understand their needs and will give them all the love and attention they deserve. People who will take the trouble to learn more about bunny health and personalities. People who will ASK when they don’t know and will make a commitment to shelter, protect and entertain their buns! People who will keep an eye on bunny fur, bunny poop, nails and teeth to know if and when their furry friends are fine. 

We have a 100% return policy! So although we would want to see our buns find their forever homes, we will always take them back if things don’t work out.


Featured Pets

Please take a look at our Facebook page for all featured bunnies up for adoption at the moment.

Or you can complete an adoption form and we'll be more than happy to send you pictures and more information.

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What we do

Our Services

Rescuing Pets

We rescue bunnies from far and wide and work with numerous volunteers to provide a safe space for rescues.


We educate prospective bunny owners, the public and volunteers

Finding Pets a Home

Organising the fostering and rehoming of adoptees in Cape Town

Spay & Neuter

Making sure that bunnies don’t procreate and mitigating bunny homelessness

About us…

Noordhoek Bunny Rescue was started in 2017 by Sian Huyser. She’d just moved to Noordhoek  and was driving home one day when a  black bunny ran in front of her car. After this, Sian looked into it a bit more and found that there were colonies of feral bunnies all over Noordhoek. They were breeding quickly and ending up as roadkill. Residents were concerned about the impact these colonies were having on the environment. Sian had previously had rabbits as pets and decided she wanted to do something about the problem.