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About Our Shelter
Since 2017

It’s all about compassion…

Our History

“You rescue rabbits???” I hear, often followed by a confused look and a joke about bunny pie. Yes, they are terribly misunderstood, the subjects of terrible neglect, mistreatment and are the quintessential “forgotton pet”. They are the first to be rehomed when children lose interest, or when people move. They are mostly not cuddly, not suitable as children’s pets without supervision and don’t eat carrots all day long.

That said, they can be hugely rewarding if you make the effort. We aim to take in, sterilize, treat and rehome all buns that come our way. As pet shops continue to sell them, we see the number of unwanted rabbits rise. Our aim is to stop pet shops in the Deep South from selling rabbits, and allow us to educate and expose people to the joy they can bring a family. Help us to make a small difference to these little souls, by supporting us and spreading the word that there is NO NEED to buy a bunny. I really love to see our adopted buns being loved in their new homes. Some of them come from really awful circumstances and I’m so grateful to the families that offer them their loving forever home.

We have so many bunnies of all different shapes, sizes, colours and ages from which to choose. They all come with a return policy as we will NEVER give up on our bunnies.

Contact us for more information and come through and meet our adoptees. 062 124 5325.

– Sian


Our Story

Noordhoek Bunny Rescue was started in 2017 by Sian Huyser. She’d just moved to Noordhoek  and was driving home one day when a  black bunny ran in front of her car. After this, Sian looked into it a bit more and found that there were colonies of feral bunnies all over Noordhoek. They were breeding quickly and ending up as roadkill. Residents were concerned about the impact these colonies were having on the environment. Sian had previously had rabbits as pets and decided she wanted to do something about the problem.

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The Adoption Process

How it works

Once you’ve found your perfect bunny at the rescue centre you need to supply the following information:

  • Current pets in the family
  • Photograph of enclosure or where you’ll be planning to keep your bunny
  • Will the bunny have a safe place away from swimming pools, other predators, escape routes?
  • Is there adequate shelter for the bunny – away from stormy weather or summer heat?
  • Have you owned a rabbit before and do you know about the care required to provide adequately for the bunny


If you’re approved for the bunny you’d like to adopt, then the next step is collecting your new furry family member.


If you are adopting an adult bunny, Noordhoek Bunny Rescue asks a R400 fee for the adoption. This goes towards covering the sterilization cost of another bunny in need.

In the case of the adoption of a baby bunny, you are asked to cover the cost of the sterilization of your bunny when the time comes. This can be arranged through the rescue centre and you will receive a rescue rate for the sterilization.

Noordhoek Bunny Rescue always asks that if for any reason in the future your situation changes and you can’t keep your bunny any longer, that you return it to the rescue centre. No questions asked or judgement.

Our Team


The permanent team at Noordhoek Bunny Rescue consists of Ben, our carpenter, who builds our sanctuary as well as Lucky and Emmanuel who clean, feed and provide water for all the buns. 

The team is headed by Sian, who founded the rescue centre in 2017, and our administrative lead and full-time cheerleader is Sally. 

We have numerous other friends who are not afraid to jump in and get their hands dirty when we need help. 


If you’re interested in sponsoring the salaries of one of our workers, please contact us for more information.