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Noordhoek Bunny Rescue cares about our furry friends. Our rescue centre is dedicated to saving lives, creating homes and pairing buns with hoomans who will make them binkie with pleasure!



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About Our Shelter

Noordhoek Bunny Rescue was started in 2017 by Sian Huyser. She’d just moved to Noordhoek  and was driving home one day when a  black bunny ran in front of her car. After this, Sian looked into it a bit more and found that there were colonies of feral bunnies all over Noordhoek.

They were breeding quickly and ending up as roadkill. Residents were concerned about the impact these colonies were having on the environment. Sian had previously had rabbits as pets and decided she wanted to do something about the problem.

Since its inception, Noordhoek Bunny Rescue has helped thousands of bunnies through rescue, sterilisation, veterinary care and rehoming.



Featured Pets

Please take a look at our Facebook page for all featured bunnies up for adoption at the moment.

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Rescuing Animals

Noorhdhoek Bunny Rescue works with numerous volunteers to rescue bunnies and give them a safe space.


We aim to educate our communities and prospective bunny owners about the nature and care of bunnies.

Spay & Neuter

We believe in responsible pet ownership and work with veterinarians to spay and neuter all of our buns..


We rely on the public to assist us with fostering and rehoming of bunnies.  

R50 Saves a Life

Make a once-off, monthly or annual donation. No amount too small!

Foster & Adopt

Foster or adopt some furry friends!


You can easily donate to NBR using our banking details


  • Account name: Noordhoek Bunny Rescue
  • Bank: Capitec
  • Account number: 1734026071
  • Account type: Savings
  • Reference: Noordhoek Bunny Rescue FCP
  • Proof of payment to: sally@noordhoekbunnyrescue.co.za

Sterilise a Rescue bun for R400

With the help of Cape Town Feral Cat Project we can sterilise a bun for a R400!


  • Account name: Feral Cat Project
  • Bank: FNB Kenilworth
  • Account number: 62680949496
  • Branch code: 210 046
  • Reference: Noordhoek Bunny Rescue FCP
  • Proof of payment to: 0621245325


Sponsor the vets who help sterilises and keep our buns healthy!


  • Account name: DR K LEVY
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account number: 1250030595
  • Branch code: 125009
  • Reference: Bunny Rescue
  • Proof of payment to: 062 124 5325


Sponsor nibbles for our lovelies!


  • Account name: Animal Feeds Western Province
  • Bank: Standard Bank
  • Account number: 071219250
  • Branch code: 071219250
  • Reference: Noordhoek Bunny Rescue 
  • Proof of payment to: info@animalfeedswp.co.za

We offered to foster a bunny for Sian during one December holiday period. Lucky for us all, it turned into a foster fail and we kept our gorgeous boy Loopy. Even before our foster fail, Sian offered so much advice and support for our buns from other rescues


Fostering bunnies is so rewarding. It’s wonderful to watch the bunny redevelop trust in humans again when she’s in a safe and loving environment


We’ve adopted a few buns from Noordhoek Bunny Rescue and couldn’t be happier. 

Adopting is really worth while, so if you have the space and time, open your home to some furry friends. 


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NBR featured on Cape{Town}etc.

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Noordhoek Bunny Rescue relies on the kindness and support of our community. A big thank you to all our donors and sponsors who keep our doors open and help us care for bunnies in need.